Hunter Biden Testifies

This Biden testimony is very damning evidence and should probably be the material for a Grand Jury! I don't know how much more the Biden family can endure. The fact that... Read more »

Patriots – Why We Fight The Way We Do

Why We Fight The Way We Do Marshall Kamena is a registered Democrat and was elected mayor of Livermore, CA. He ran on the Democratic ticket as he knew a Bay Area... Read more »

Trump Releases 60 Minutes Video Full and Unredacted!

In a bold move to rip the rug from under the feet of the fake media, Donald Trump rips control from them by releasing the entire video in unredacted form. Read more »

Is Your Mask Giving You Lung Cancer?

I happen to know a thing or two about masks and safety. Why? Because for 25 years I was the editor of an award-winning trade magazine called HazMat Management that covered such... Read more »

Dan Bongino on the Biden Collapse

Dan Bongino's podcast is just incredible. If you enjoy his material, please subscribe to him over at In this episode, I discuss the disgusting new revelations in the case against the... Read more »
AG Barr

What’s Wrong with AG Barr?

In case you were wondering why, after the mountain of evidence that's been discovered in the past two years, why Barr has failed to arrest anyone, you only need to take a... Read more »

Facebook – The Paradox of Censorship

Facebook And the Paradox of Censorship By now most people have figured out that Facebook is hopelessly beyond its capacity to serve its customer base. Facebook fails constantly to achieve its immature... Read more »

Comey Raps Benghazi

Comey raps about Hillary's crimes at Benghazi. This is pure brilliance. Read more »
President Soros

Why A Biden-Harris Win Means a President Soros

A Harris Win Gives You a Soros Presidency With just a few weeks left until the election, it is very clear now that even the democrats don't want Biden to be their... Read more »