Amazing Polly

Amazing Polly Nails the Mask Fiasco

Amazing Polly Nails the Mask Fiasco If you aren't following Amazing Polly on Bitchute, you should be. Polly shows how the effects of social conditioning are put to work on citizens in... Read more »

Bill Gates May Now Be Tied To Election Fraud

The longtime political veteran who is helping spearhead the “Stop the Steal” movement for election integrity in the United States says that Bill Gates' Microsoft developed what is known as Election Guard,... Read more »
Mental Disease

Liberals Suffer From Mental Disease – Study Shows

Recently, this mental disease seems to have led them to fits of violence as they get nowhere with their agenda. I think the disease leaves them unable (or unwilling) to process new... Read more »
State of the Onion

State of the Onion

The State of the Onion People all over social media are getting a bit stir crazy with wild speculation over what is going on with the election and with the handling of... Read more »

Operation Stingray

Because of Operation Stingray, life would return to normal very quickly and will little impact upon the good and great citizens of America. Read more »
Obama Arrested

Obama About To Be Arrested!

Will Obama finally be caught for his litany of crimes? Will it be Joe Biden for his selling out of America to the Chinese? We don't know. But this... Read more »
Election Fraud

The Trump Card – Election Checkmate

When the Hunter Biden Laptop was exposed to the public weeks before the election, we all went nuts. There was so much evidence on that laptop that showed Hunter in the... Read more »

Hacking Voting Machines

When your favorite Libtard tried to argue that the voting system hasn't been hack and cant' be hacked, don't argue with him or her. Read more »
Election Fraud

Voter Fraud Chronicles

decided to start this running blog/page to chronicle the massive voter fraud activities from this 2020 election. At first, it was just a trickle of evidence, but now the flow... Read more »
April Lajune PA Win

April LaJune Reveals PA Win!

PA Win! Poor little liberals – they've lost both North Carolina and Pennsylvania! Good news for President Trump and his supporters, we now have a PA Win! More great articles Articles on... Read more »