3 Paths to the Insurrection Act!

The Possibility of Insurrection

I had a dream last night. Having worked for the DOJ as a senior analyst for 35 years, I knew that many things just made zero sense. There is not a chance in the world that the mainstream media cannot see the mountain of evidence that the election under attack, and that someone supporting the democrats was managing the steal attempt. This part is a no brainer.


What didn't add up, and what has been driving us all crazy, was that there appeared to be nothing being done about it. Then it dawned on me. BOOM! You and I and ordinary citizens are NOT going to be privy to the internal working of Trump's plan to fix this mess. One thing we should have all learned by now is that Trump never telegraphs his moves.

President Obama issued an Executive Order that allowed all Three-Letter-Agencies the right to LIE and subject the population to propaganda – as long as it was used to further an operational agenda!

This can only mean ONE THING! CNN (and the rest of them) are nothing more than CIA operations. As such, they are permitted to lie and publish propaganda at will, and they can do it with full immunity! We already have “the clowns” on video admitting they have agents in the mainstream media. So, no doubt in my mind – CNN is a clown op!

This is the reason that Trump issued the September 12th, 2018 Executive order that will trap them all. We had to let this play out. If you haven't read that EO, then I suggest you GO HERE and read it in full!

I think that Trump is trying to engineer a “soft landing” for this mess. He wants to make it as easy on us citizens as humanly possible. He will first wait to see if the House certifies his landslide victory. Alternatively, the victory could be certified by the Supreme court. If either of these things happens, then Trump will be in a much better position when it comes time to trigger the insurrection act. When the shills and retards on the extreme left begin their riots the insurrection act can only be viewed as a Whitehouse response to protect citizens. Of course, as the main benefit, it will ensnare all of the mainstream media, as well as most of the big tech companies that tried to interfere with the election.

Additionally, Chinese assets in America will be seized and very likely you'll see both Zuckerberg and Dorsey arrested and penniless.

If you want to see just how serious this entire mess is, then I refer you to the video below that was made by our resident genius, Thomas Wictor. The video is a bit difficult to hear in the beginning because he talks about the intentions of a “Biden Presidency”. For most patriots, we down't like to even hear the name Biden used in the context of a presidency. But I suggest you endure and watch the video through to the end. The video shows you just how dangerous the Democrats have become.

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