7 Mainstream Media Lies That Destroy

Mainstream Media Creates Dissension

There was a time when each of us just focused on our lives and the enjoyment of our careers, family, and leisure activities. After 2016, that all seemed to fall apart. When Donald Trump decided that he was going to carry on in the spirit of John F. Kennedy and destroy the deep state that appears to have been controlling things on this continent, all hell started to break loose.

For some reason, the mainstream media wants us all to be divided and to fight with each other. They will divide us on any grounds they can. In this example below, we see yet another lame assed attempt by CNN to make us believe that a police officer is taking down a black me. But is he? Take a closer look.

We see here that the man's leg is clearly that of a white man. But CNN photoshops the face to be that of the black man. Why bother to go to all this effort? Are there no stock images that the mainstream media could have easily used? There has to be an agenda to this.

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