And We Know

Arizona Causing The Left To Implode!

Here's some more great work from our friend at "And We Know!" The libtarded left and their pals in the supreme court would have you believe there is nothing going on... Read more »
Sister Rips them

Sister Tells It Like It Is – Bitch!

We're all adults here! This young lady opens up and tells it like it is. If swearing offends your little senses, then DON'T watch the video. But if you are an... Read more »
Vaccine Dangers

Vax Program DIES in Australia!

You just have to love this one! Australia appears to have finally discovered their balls! Check out the lack of lines for this medical experiment that Big Pharma and Big... Read more »
Vaccine Hoax

Final Countdown to Armageddon

Time is running down for you to take some action to protect yourselves. You must move on your corrupt politicians immediately or face losing your freedom forever. Read more »
Covid Victims

Covid Victims and Their Families – Going Viral!

I tripped onto this Facebook group about three days ago. It had about 35,000 members at the time. Three days later, it has surpassed 90K members! The group is dedicated... Read more »
Dr. Carrie Madej

Interview with Dr. Madej about COVID and Vaccnines

This video was scraped off Facebook because it is likely that FB will censor it once their algorithm figures it out. to that end, we work to ensure that Big Tech... Read more »

Dr. Simone Gold On the Truth About Covid-19

I cannot speak highly enough about the worth ethic and the value of Dr. Simone Gold. She is a gem and savior to our fight for freedom from tyranny. Be sure to... Read more »
Dr. Vern Coleman

Cowardly, Brain-Dead, Rancid Runts!

Dr. Vernon Coleman analyses who is responsible for the dystopian world that is being created. If we don't move quickly, it'll be too late. For more unbiased information about other important matters,... Read more »

Texas Leads the Way!

Four weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbot (R-TX) announced the end of the statewide mask mandate and completely lifted restrictions on businesses. The usual suspects howled with outrage, predicting that the move would... Read more »
And We Know

And We Know – Update Mar 26th

nd We Know does another great job of reporting the news today. Great news is on the way! Read more »