Bernie Takes Nevada!

Bernie On A Roll – Sweeps Nevada

This is getting to be very interesting. As I watch the corrupt DNC try to cheat Bernie yet again out of a nomination, the results of the Nevada vote just came in.

Bernie Takes Nevada! 2

Its pretty clear to anyone watching that the DNC really hate poor old Bernie. But one thing that the Deep State has not yet figured out how to do in the post-2016 era is to control popular opinion. Today, they even tried to say that Bernie is the favorite of Russia! What is it with the DNC obsession with Russia?

Russia, if they favored anyone, would favor Hillary. She sold them 20% of America's uranium, and left all of her technology open for them to hack. They certainly wouldn't want Trump since he just out-negotiated them to take control of oil pipelines delivering oil to central Europe! Trump is a major drag on the Russian economy and they know it! So, anything thinking analyst is going to put their money on Russia for Hillary every single time.

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You're just another brick in the wall

Just Another Brick in The Wall!

Redpill78 really does a great job of exposing this mess. Now we have Hillary Clinton tied to the Antifa organization. This will make a huge difference since she will lose all kinds of protections now that Antifa is a terrorist organization.

2nd Amendment Tim Pool

The 2nd Amendment Argument is Over!

We've had this argument for many years, but now it appears the debate has been settled. With the democrat supported riots that are happening in most blue state, we find that gun sales are up over 500% in the past three months (6 million new gun sales) and, more importantly, of those sales, over 40% are from first time gun buyers! Ya. The debate is over!

Sanders vs Clinton

Hillary Will Be The Democratic Nominee

Over the past three years the Democratic party has done every single thing it can think of to destroy the party. In the House, none of them have done a lick of work toward improving conditions in America. Democrats, along with their CIA owned Mockingbird Media, have done nothing but dream up ways to take down Trump.

UK leaves the European Union 1

UK leaves the European Union

The UK has officially left the European Union after 47 years of membership – and more than three years after it voted to do so in a referendum.