Blackout? Believe in Coincidences?

I think most of us have been red pilled long enough by now to know that there are very few coincidences in life. The fact that this pedophile monster, Jeffrey Epstein, is locked up in New York – and that there just happened to be a blackout in his neighborhood yesterday is just too much for patriots to swallow!

The Epstein case has likely been in the works for at least a year, but probably longer. Since the “Black Book” is now everywhere online, we can see just exactly who has or has not been visiting Epstein’s sex island. Frankly, the list is astonishing!

I have to laugh at Bill Clinton’s feeble attempts to distance himself from this mess. He says he was only there a few times! LOL. Billy boy! We have the logs. Please don’t do another Lewinsky on us! You’ll lose again!

The names in Epstein’s black book are enough to take down some incredibly powerful people – and wow are they panicking now! There is no doubt in my mind that they HAVE to get to Epstein, or there will be major upheaval all over the world! Sadly for the Deep State however, there are too many of us open source researchers with lots of time on our hands. We already have it all. As one anon pointed out last night on the boards….

Blackout? Believe in Coincidences? 1

The race is on. The deep state suffers the illusion that they can still squelch this crisis, but we already have the testimony. It’s already on record, and no one is going to kill their way out of this one.

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About the Author: Ned Ludd

Ironically, Nedd is the great, great, great grandson of Nedd Ludd, from Dewsbury, England. Back in 1810, this Nedd Ludd fought off the modernization of woolen mills that used technology to put his peers out of work! Nedd was active in the media at the time and dogged the establishment on this topic. In 1810, this was Nedd's very own WWG1WGA movement! 210 years later, little has changed. The deep state won't stop until we finish them all off.