The End Of Twitter

End of Twitter

The time has come when we must realize that no tech company should ever wield this kind of power, and at no time should we ever tolerate it. Twitter must be taken down. I do not feel that Twitter is recoverable as long as Jack Dorsey and his executives are not sitting in a cell somewhere awaiting trial for their treasonous behavior.

Health Ranger Report Dec 29th

Health Ranger

Mike Adams and his Health Ranger Report continue to do an outstanding job of reporting on the DC malfeasance and the depth of corruption and depravity among modern politicians. Please watch the video and subscribe to the HRR report!

Buckle Up! Insurrection Act On Deck


I’m reposting this video here today because some communist-backed social media platforms refuse to carry this video platform. Regardless of the tyrannical motives, we will not be stopped. Please visit and support this great broadcaster.

3 Paths to the Insurrection Act!


If either of these things happens, then Trump will be in a much better position when it comes time to trigger the insurrection act. When the shills and retards on the extreme left begin their riots the insurrection act can only be viewed as a Whitehouse response to protect citizens.