Covid Victims

Covid Victims and Their Families – Going Viral!

I tripped onto this Facebook group about three days ago. It had about 35,000 members at the time. Three days later, it has surpassed 90K members! The group is dedicated... Read more »

Dr. Simone Gold On the Truth About Covid-19

I cannot speak highly enough about the worth ethic and the value of Dr. Simone Gold. She is a gem and savior to our fight for freedom from tyranny. Be sure to... Read more »

Texas Leads the Way!

Four weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbot (R-TX) announced the end of the statewide mask mandate and completely lifted restrictions on businesses. The usual suspects howled with outrage, predicting that the move would... Read more »
And We Know

And We Know – Update Mar 26th

nd We Know does another great job of reporting the news today. Great news is on the way! Read more »
Biden Collapse

Biden’s First Press Conference A Disaster

When you see this poor old man trying to keep it together, you have to feel bad for him. Biden is simply too far gone, mentally, to continue. There is... Read more »
Border Crisis

Project Veritas Exposes the Border Crisis!

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas once again perform a monumental reporting job to bring us information about the border crisis that the fake Biden administration is trying to hide. Read more »

Buckle Up! Insurrection Act On Deck

I'm reposting this video here today because some communist-backed social media platforms refuse to carry this video platform. Regardless of the tyrannical motives, we will not be stopped. Please visit... Read more »

Most Important Trump Speech

Trump Speech December 2, 2020 This just might be one of the most important speeches of Donald Trump's life. Patriots already know this, but the election was won by Donald Trump in... Read more »
Election Fraud

The Trump Card – Election Checkmate

When the Hunter Biden Laptop was exposed to the public weeks before the election, we all went nuts. There was so much evidence on that laptop that showed Hunter in the... Read more »

Hacking Voting Machines

When your favorite Libtard tried to argue that the voting system hasn't been hack and cant' be hacked, don't argue with him or her. Read more »