Law of War

Q Super Proof! Military Law of War

This might just be the most productive video ever made on this subject. For those of us who have followed Q for any length of time, you'll immediately see the connection... Read more »

Biden – A Case of Elder Abuse – So Says Australia!

When you watch Biden in front of the mic, you have to wonder how and why they are abusing this old and demented man like this. It is beyond reason at... Read more »
Euthanize them!

Are You Ready to Be Euthanized?

I couldn't help myself. I just had to share this small clip. Freudian slip or what! This is hilarious! Are you ready to be euthanized? Ask your doctor if getting euthanized is... Read more »
Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas Human Rights lawyer dropping more bombs!

Leigh Dundas is the human rights lawyer whose video recently went viral. Here she tells of even more sinister tricks the powers that be have tried and failed to implement so far.... Read more »
And We Know

Arizona Causing The Left To Implode!

Here's some more great work from our friend at "And We Know!" The libtarded left and their pals in the supreme court would have you believe there is nothing going on... Read more »
Dr. Carrie Madej

Interview with Dr. Madej about COVID and Vaccnines

This video was scraped off Facebook because it is likely that FB will censor it once their algorithm figures it out. to that end, we work to ensure that Big Tech... Read more »
Biden Collapse

Biden’s First Press Conference A Disaster

When you see this poor old man trying to keep it together, you have to feel bad for him. Biden is simply too far gone, mentally, to continue. There is... Read more »
Border Crisis

Project Veritas Exposes the Border Crisis!

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas once again perform a monumental reporting job to bring us information about the border crisis that the fake Biden administration is trying to hide. Read more »

Dan Bongino on the Biden Collapse

Dan Bongino's podcast is just incredible. If you enjoy his material, please subscribe to him over at In this episode, I discuss the disgusting new revelations in the case against the... Read more »
You're just another brick in the wall

Just Another Brick in The Wall!

Redpill78 really does a great job of exposing this mess. Now we have Hillary Clinton tied to the Antifa organization. This will make a huge difference since she will lose... Read more »