Dan Bongino on the Biden Collapse


Dan Bongino’s podcast is just incredible. If you enjoy his material, please subscribe to him over at Rumble.com. In this episode, I discuss the disgusting new revelations in the case against the … Read more

The 2nd Amendment Argument is Over!

2nd Amendment Tim Pool

We’ve had this argument for many years, but now it appears the debate has been settled. With the democrat supported riots that are happening in most blue state, we find that gun sales are up over 500% in the past three months (6 million new gun sales) and, more importantly, of those sales, over 40% are from first time gun buyers! Ya. The debate is over!

Hillary Will Be The Democratic Nominee

Sanders vs Clinton

Over the past three years the Democratic party has done every single thing it can think of to destroy the party. In the House, none of them have done a lick of work toward improving conditions in America. Democrats, along with their CIA owned Mockingbird Media, have done nothing but dream up ways to take down Trump.

Ilhan Omar Fundraising for Terrorism?


Glenn Beck takes a closer look at Representative Ilhan Omar, accusations made against her, and the relationship between CAIR and Hamas. We have to ask: “How is it that the Democratic party is not all over this story?”