What did you expect to find here? Do you suffer the illusion that we want to hear from you? ROTFL. The entire site is dedicated to promoting the greatest president the USA has ever had, so you shouldn't dream for a nano-second that we want to hear from you? If you're a patriot… “you know the thing… ” LOL.

Patriots are secure and strong and don't require any contact. They have a sense of purpose and they are working the “Plan to Save The World”. They have a plan and they are busy working it.

Only snowflakes, antifa, and the rest of the whacked out left will want to beat their little chests over something we said here. Get a life. Move out of mommy's basement, cut your hair, take all of the shrapnel out of your face and head, and find a real job! In case you hadn't noticed, there are about 5 million more of them since 2016!