What did you expect to find here? Do you suffer the illusion that we want to hear from you? ROTFL. The entire site is dedicated to promoting the truth in journalism and freedom from censorship. While the fascists at Google, Twitter, and Facebook will work feverishly to suppress the truth or knowledge about new items or matters affecting your health, we will work equally hard to get the message out.

Patriots are secure and strong people that don't require any contact. They have a sense of purpose and they are working the “Plan to Save The World”. We support patriots everywhere we find them.

In a civilized world, this is where the “Contact Us” button would go. But you and I know that we are at war with Globalism. You know what to do! There are millions of us, and only a handful of them. We will consistently organize to take them down. It is not a war they can win… EVER.