Corona Virus: LARP? or Pandemic

Corona Virus Two Months In

This article is going to do more question asking than editorializing. After two months of watching the Corona Virus crisis unfold, I have a lot of questions. Five years ago I would have had none of these questions. However, watching Democrats destroy themselves, their party, and American citizens just to placate their temper tantrum over not beating Trump in 2016, leaves me with all kinds of new skepticism.

According to the evidence I have been able to find, the Corona Virus has been around a long time. Lysol containers even contain the term ‘corona virus' in the list of bugs that it kills.

I wouldn't ordinarily be this suspicious, but consider this. Trump threatens all old-style power structures, the Rothschild banking system, international trade imbalances, the globalist war machines, the globalist 2030 agenda, and the fascist goals of destroying the American family and their dreams. Add to this the fact that globalists own all of the mainstream media, a majority of politicians, most judges, most state officials, most college and university professors, and most senior education system executives, it seems to me that there is a world-wide concentrated effort on to utterly destroy this great president. With that understanding, you have to question everything we've been told.

To that end, I have the following questions:

  • Why are we told that Corona Virus patients are dying of pneumonia, when none of them have true pneumonia symptoms?
  • Why did the Corona Virus start in Wuhan, China?
  • Why is 5G being rolled out for mass testing in Wuhan, China?
  • Why does the media hide from us that 5G interferes with the oxygen cycle – making oxygen unavailable to those breathing the air?
  • Why is there no safety testing of 5G by the FDA or FTC?
  • Where are the studies?
  • Is it possible that a panicking deep state are using the Corona Virus as a “Live Action Role Play” (LARP) in an attempt to see if they can regain control of a world citizenry that is suddenly awakening to the centuries of lies, manipulation, and deceit by the world controlling families?
  • Why does the mainstream media hide from citizens effective treatments for the corona virus such as Wild Oil of Oregano, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Colloidal Silver?
  • Why would they NOT WANT people to know how to protect themselves?
  • Is the rush to buyout supplies from big box stores across America just a barometer used by the deep state to measure their effectiveness at being able to control the narrative?
  • Is the deep state using the Corona Virus outbreak to try to crash the US economy – and thereby take down the president in an election year?

These are just some of the questions that I have. I'm sure there are many more. On the bright side, here we are only two months in and already people are seeing that there is a strong possibility that this entire event is little more than a nasty LARP. And before you start waling about conspiracy theories, take a look at history. How did we get into World War I? How did we get into World War II? How did we get into the Viet Nam war? How was that connected to the assassination of Kennedy? How did we get into the war with Iraq? How did we get into the war in Afghanistan? Why did Prescott Bush finance both America and Germany in WWII?

Donald J. Trump has answers to all of these questions and he appears to be tearing down the constructs that have dogged us for centuries. So OF COURSE they hate him. If you had thrown everything at him that you can, and he's still standing, then what else would you do as a deep stater? What have you got left? And how much will it cost to deploy?

It seems to me that the Corona Virus came along at a pretty convenient time for the deep state. Democrats have destroyed their party trying to take down Donald Trump and they have nothing left. Is the Corona Virus their “Hail Mary”? Seems like the perfect plan, except for one thing.

We are awake! Thanks to the “Q” movement, and the thousands of the heavy lifters in the Qanon community, the world is being red-pilled one block at a time.

Enter the Red Pill

We now control the world's most effective means of communication. Our operatives are about to force out Twitter's CEO and replace him with a more qualified executive. Pedophiles the world over are dropping like flies. Hollywood elites are being charged and jailed.

Senior executives in hundreds of large corporations are being run out of town. Google and Facebook face difficult antitrust hearings. The FED is being “chess-boarded” (that's like water-boarding for executives) out of existence. The Rothschilds are on the run. The walls are closing in on Soros very quickly.

In recent days, mainstream media personalities are jumping ship. Senior execs in media are under extreme pressure. They are all failing.

Welcome to the Brave New World!

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