Covid Victims and Their Families – Going Viral!

I tripped onto this Facebook group about three days ago. It had about 35,000 members at the time. Three days later, it has surpassed 90K members! The group is dedicated to COVID Victims and their families. While out pathetically weak governments wallow in the globalist cesspool that is pushing this pandemic hoax, they suffer the illusion that they are beyond prosecution. Clearly, they need better lawyers! Once YOU make it clear to your government that there is a real problem, and that you can show the numbers and the data, that government has a responsibility to take action.

It true that big governments have granted the pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution, so when people start dying from the administration of this medical experiment that they are trying to pass off as a vaccine, big pharma won't be able to be sued. However, if you publicly inform your own governments about the growing numbers, they will be duty-bound to act. If they fail to protect their citizens, then THEY BECOME LIABLE! Big pharma might get away, but your government won't.

Please join this Covid Victims and their Families group on Facebook as well as their new group on Telegram.

Covid Victims and Families

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