Election 2020 – What Happened:

What Happened On Election Night? 

Democrats prevented poll-watchers from working so that the communists could do their thing on election night.  The Moment that Florida and Texas went to Trump, they stopped all vote counts in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, and a few other key states.  Election workers were caught destroying Trump ballots in big numbers!  

Then the communists had their agents in Big Tech and the Media stop all communication between conservatives. Twitter banned all Trump Tweets and prevented anyone from retweeting old tweets and from tweeting new stuff about Trump.  The same happened on Facebook.  

Next, the Mainstream Media doubled down on the coup.  They refuse to post any news story that helps Trump, or any story that exposes Biden and Democrat Party crimes.  It's a full-on coup at this point.

We also learned that states were forcing Trump voters to use “Sharpie” pens for voting so that they would bleed through the ballot and render it VOID! We have lots of video on this.

As a nation, we are in entirely new territory now.  We have never seen anything like this in a free world democracy.  So where do we go from here?  There are really only two choices.  

If you are in a boxing ring and the other guy starts slugging, you have those same two choices. You fall to the floor and give up, or you get up and fight for that inch and take back your sovereign territory!

In terms of the election process, you: 

1. You wimp out and succumb to the subversive and treasonous coup efforts of these communists, or 

2. You take drastic action.  That action could include having a coup of your own.  You declare victory and then use the military to take out the subversive elements.  And by subversive elements, I mean not only the communists, but also the media, big tech, and the FBI.

You restore the Republic. You fix the voting system so that people cannot cheat.  You break up big tech monopolies.  You dismantle the mainstream media and allow new growth. You arrest, try, and sentence the criminals.  You MAKE AMERIC GREAT AGAIN!   

Al Pacino described it well in his speech in the movie “On Any Given Sunday”. 

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