Facebook – The Paradox of Censorship

Facebook And the Paradox of Censorship

By now most people have figured out that Facebook is hopelessly beyond its capacity to serve its customer base. Facebook fails constantly to achieve its immature and ineffective political agenda. In what I call “The Paradox Of Censorship”, Facebook actually guarantees that the subject of its censorship will go viral.

Everyone on the internet is familiar with Google's battle with sites that use “Clickbait” to entice users to go view something. It is human nature to be curious. Everyone knows this and many marketers use this knowledge to drive clicks to their sites. Here is one such example:

People will click on this piece of clickbait just to find out “the truth about Gummy Bears!” So, when Facebook takes your post and then has their politically driven “fact-checkers” flag the post as “false information”, what really happens is they virtually guarantee that the viewer will hunt down the source to view it.

Facebook started doing this very heavily when doctors from around the world started rendering their opinions on potential cures for COVID-19. The communist policies of Facebook prevented them from allowing people to read the truth or the opinions of doctors at large. Facebook fails to understand that science is not science if it cannot be questioned or challenged. That is the essential nature of science. It is fully open to scrutiny and questioning. If it cannot be challenged, then it is nothing more than a religion, cult, or political dogma.

Fast forward to this week. We get first-hand testimony from people on the scene… on the ground.. at the place of the event. I'm talking about the BOMBSHELL evidence that just dropped on the Biden camp with regard to their handling of the Bin Laden murder, and the Benghazi operation that led to American deaths… and finally to the leaked operation that got the entire Seal Team Six killed in Ukraine. When I posted links to the Whistleblower account of this matter, Facebook quickly slapped a “False Information” flag on my post. Facebook's flawed thinking was that this would stop people from finding the truth. However, because of The Paradox of Censorship, they failed miserably. Here is their false info flag:

Who are these fact-checkers to argue with the whistleblowing testimony of those who were there on the ground when it happened? On what basis are they qualified to say that this information is false? They can't! They can wish it weren't true, but they cannot refute the evidence given by first-hand reporters. The whistleblower claims to have disks with Terabytes of data to support the accusation. All of this information is being released in gradual bits. I already have the voice recording from one of the releases. You cannot argue as to whose voice is on that recording.

This is the era of Paradoxical Censorship. This means that those who try to suppress the stories will fail miserably as viewers go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. When Facebook censored my story, I posted it on Parler.com, Xephula.com, Gab.com, Flote.com, Gorf.social, Minds.com, Pocketnet.com, and several others, including two blogs. The result is that I got the information out to hundreds of thousands of people. If Facebook had simply ignored the post and let it run its course, I might not have been so motivated. On one of the blogs that I posted to, I paid for 1000 visitors per day for 30 days to visit that site. So in one month, I'll have over 30,000 eyeballs on that article. All this is thanks to Facebook's “Paradox of Censorship.”

I realize that Zuckerberg dislikes America intensely and desperately wants the Democrats to win this election. However, in using the Facebook platform to fulfill his petulant and adolescent political fantasies, he only succeeds in putting the entire company in jeopardy. If the democrats fail to win in November, Facebook faces some real challenges in 2021!

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