Hillary Will Be The Democratic Nominee

Over the past three years the Democratic party has done every single thing it can think of to destroy the party. In the House, none of them have done a lick of work toward improving conditions in America. Democrats, along with their CIA owned Mockingbird Media, have done nothing but dream up ways to take down Trump.


To that end, Democrats have nothing left. There is not a single candidate in the current debate circuit that is capable being a better president than Donald J. Trump. Everyone on the planet realizes this. The only move that democrats still have in the bag is to try to kickstart the old, ill, and morally bankrupt Hillary Clinton campaign. They have no choice. Either they get Hillary in the race again, or, the democrats fold and allow Trump to win by acclamation.

So, don't be shocked as things wind down in the primaries. In the end, they will find a way to posit Hillary into the race. Bank on it.