Keeping Jeffrey Epstein Alive

Keeping Jeffrey Epstein Alive. How Hard Can It Be?

When they arrested Jeffrey Epstein, I knew this case was going to be huge. I already had a copy of his “black book”, so I knew who had traveled to and from Little St. James island. I had already researched Epstein extensively and knew who promoted him and how he ascended to the top of the pedophile food chain. This case is the most important criminal case in modern times. If the justice department staff do their jobs properly, very important people all over the world are going to be taken down. They know this and they will start a war to prevent it.

Regarding Epstein's safety in jail – I worked in a maximum-security prison for 30 years. I can guarantee you that there were cameras all over that area.

There would have been a camera showing the hallway in front of the row of cells, and if it was a high-security cell block, there would be cameras inside each cell. We used to have “glass cells” for the mentally disordered inmates.

Jeffery Epstein

There will be a computer log that shows when every door in the building was opened or closed. There are cameras to show who passes through any doorway. No power outage would stop this mechanism. There would have been a power back up .. AND the locking mechanisms would default to Lock mode in the event of a power surge or power interruption.

Their “Control Center” would be watching and monitoring everything. If anyone “took out the control operators” then the building would go into “dead-man” mode. No doors can be opened at all!

In the extreme event that someone killed the power to the building, and at the same time killed the backup power, then those people would have to have keyed the door manually to get at Epstein. Even in that case, those people would have to be on camera as entering the building at some point.

Everyone inside the jail is going to be on camera. So, regarding video footage, at my maximum security facility, we used to routinely hand over prison recordings to either our “Inspections and Standards” investigators, in the event of accusations against officers, or to the coroner – when we had suicides.

If they claim there is no video, then they are guilty and I would FIRE EVERY STAFF MEMBER IN THE JAIL. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Then I'd hire my own crew. I could guarantee to keep this pedophile alive for his court appearances. This is incredibly sloppy work by the facility holding him, or it is more evidence of crimes by corrupt officials. Either way, the US Justice Department needs to wake up! This won't be the Deep State's last attempt to get at Epstein. There are still many ways that they can get at him. I won't give them any ideas in this article. but I will say that if the Justice Department fails to keep this guy alive, then a lot of heads need to roll.

Post Mortem (pardoning the pun)

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