Laura Loomer Takes on Facebook

There is very little as disappointing as waking up in 2019 to find out it’s still really 1984!  Today Laura discovered that Facebook built its billion dollar business off the backs of we little people only to use that power against us!

Laura Loomer Visits Facebook After Being BANNED

Mark Zuckerberg, which translates in English to “Mark SugarMountain”, finally shows his full hand in this game. He’s all in for the leftist fascists that want the white race eliminated no matter what the cost. This is a very dangerous game he plays.  With the coup against Donald J. Trump now fully suppressed, prosecutions of the deep state are imminent.  When the top 50 leftist whack-jobs are securely housed at GITMO, people believe that the Trump administration will turn its attention to cleaning the the techno-fascists in silicon valley.  Enjoy the show!

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