Operation Stingray

Operation Stingray

It came to me in a dream at 4 am this morning. I’m going to call it “Operation Stingray” for lack of knowing an official title. Over the past week, we learned some strategic things that put everything into perspective.

We know that the Executive Order of 2018, along with the President’s ‘emergency declaration’ placed the 2020 election under the auspices of this EO.

We discovered a sudden increase in military air traffic all over America, but strategically over the east coast from DC to Florida.

Those military planes have made several round trips from DC to GITMO and have included specialized planes setup as ‘hospital planes’.

The Hospital Plane is on standby for routing from DC to GITMO.

The Secretary of defense was recently replaced, along with key personnel.

The Secretary of defense then established a civilian special ops leadership to report directly to him.

We captured the servers and related hardware from Scytl in Germany that contain proof of election fraud.

We gathered over 2400 pages of affidavits and evidence concerning voter fraud in 2020. We have the software code and the testimony of those contracted to run it. And as you’ll see below, we have the public link that grants access to fraudulent ballots and Mail-in-ballot envelopes.

The lineup for whistleblowers, at this point, is almost as long as the lineups for Trump Rallies!

We discovered the web link used by workers in Pennsylvania to download and print fraudulent ballots in all Pennsylvania districts. We also found, through that link, detailed instructions on how to forge Mail-In Ballot envelopes. The information included official logos, Stamps, watermarks, color codes, and more.


The growing mountain of evidence suggests ties between Biden, China, Soros, Big Tech, Mainstream Media, and rogue politicians, but this will be up to the justice department to determine.

The latter item, I believe is the trigger point for Operation Stingray. This is purely speculation, but in my dream, this is how I saw it playing out.

At 7 am on someday in the near future, a civilian or military special ops team swoops in and simultaneously arrests Joe Biden, Jim Biden, Hunter Biden, Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, two top Google execs, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and several US Governors, and several state Attorney Generals.

Again simultaneously, the Secretary of State freezes the assets of the Bidens, Obama, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, Facebook, Twitter, Google, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Politico, Media Matters, FOX, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and a number of smaller players. A special counsel would oversee the Google Business contracts for email services with small, medium and large scale companies.

Also caught in this freeze would be assets from China, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

The arrestees would be treated as enemy combatants under charges of sedition and treason and sent to GITMO for processing through a military Tribunal.

During the first days of Stingray, the emergency broadcast system would be put to work, broadcasting a 90-minute sequence of events five times a day throughout the period. Citizens would learn the tragic events that led to the biggest political scandal in world history.

With the bad actors out of the way, whistleblowers would come forward in very large numbers to get their stories on record and to help mitigate any legal actions that might be taken against them.

Because of Operation Stingray, life would return to normal very quickly and will little impact upon the good and great citizens of America. Frozen assets would be nationalized and used to pay off debts and establish a road to a prosperous and vibrant new American Order – Free of political corruption and communist interference.

Donald Trump will have truly “Made America Great Again!”


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