SIDS – Was it A Cover-up?

We have long suspected that there is more to the nature and circumstances around SIDS than they are telling us. When you look a the body of evidence, it becomes quite alarming.

SIDS was invented to cover up the fact that vaccines kill infants, and the existence of “SIDS” is itself evidence that the medical establishment fully intends on continuing to kill babies with vaccines, and not take any responsibility for these deaths

Infant mortality rates regressed against a number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

SIDS deaths are inexplicably clustered at 2, 4, and 6 months
SIDS went from virtually non-existent, to the leading cause of death.

Leaked memo about how to coverup ~~vaccine deaths~~ SIDS
Listed on the vaccine package insert

Shaken Baby Syndrome
Baby dies less than 12 hours after vaccines
Baby dies hours after getting his vaccines
Vaccine shill tries to dismiss vaccine death as SIDS

Simultaneous SIDS

Technician spills the beans
Vaccines Cause … Tee-Shirts?
Vaccines Cause Billboard
Vaccines Cause Angel

Here is a google image search for “Babies SIDS vaccines”

Is anyone skeptical of these studies that conveniently show that whatever is allegedly caused by vaccines, is actually prevented by vaccines?

Allegation: vaccines Cause autism study: vaccines prevent autism
Allegation: vaccines Cause brain damage study: vaccines make you smarter
Allegation: vaccines Cause SIDSstudy: vaccines prevent SIDS
Allegation: vaccines cause autoimmune disorders Study: vaccines prevent autoimmune disorders
Allegation: vaccines Cause Alzheimer’sStudy: vaccines prevent Alzheimer’s
Pseudoscience: claims of widespread usefulness

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