Smoking Gun Video Ends The Biden Run!

Smoking Gun Video Ends the Biden Run

We are living in very strange times. As the evidence emerges that clearly shows the depth of the election fraud, we find the Democrats suddenly abandoning their tried and true battle cry that “there was foreign interference!” Suddenly, there is “nothing to see here folks!” Democrats claim that 2020 was the most secure election ever. What they really mean is that they learned their lesson from 2016 where they underestimated the power of the Trump vote. They had four years to get the ducks in a row and their programmers online for the big steal!

A month after the election, we have tens of thousands of affidavits describing in great detail how the democrats, China, and Dominion Voting systems orchestrated the biggest election steal in world history. Sadly, because they are democrats, they were not smart enough to pull it off with any degree of perfection. They actually filmed themselves doing the stealing, and in the process left the biggest ever smoking gun for all to find! I kid you not!

Watch this “Smoking gun” video and make it viral. The entire world needs to see what really happened, and in doing so, the DOJ needs to start making some arrests. At the very least, Biden needs to disqualified immediately!

Source File – on Rumble

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