Epstein – The Case That Brings The World To Its Knees

I’ve been following politics since I was 14 years old. There was always something about power and corruption that bothered me. As far back in history as I cared to go, humanity seemed to be always the same. One individual or group of individuals always sought to have power over others. I think Jesus recognized this flaw in mankind. Certainly, there is plenty of evidence that the Bible would support this hypothesis.

This year I’m 64 years old and have been battling corruption officially for 50 years. I win some, and I lose some. Mostly, I lose the battles because the powers that arise out of corruption have unlimited resources and have developed powerful relationships with key players in society. But any time I win one, it’s a great feeling. And I have a good feeling about the Epstein case.

In July 2019 Jeffery Epstein is suddenly arrested! At first there is little said about it since the mainstream media were activated immediately when the arrest became public knowledge. But thanks to the “Red Pilled” state of the nation, people everywhere are awake. Mainstream media has lost its grip on controlling the narrative. My own blog reaches more people than CNN and MSNC combined! Resourceful and brilliant anons across the globe went to work on this case. Without the support of corrupt tech companies from silicon valley, the fascist radical left would already be dead and buried.

The world is now on the edge of something HUGE. Everything rests on the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein. Literally, the entire planet hinges on this man telling it all! Sadly for the Deep State, we already have thousands of documents, videos, and pictures that will put Epstein behind bars for multiple lifetimes. Add to this the fact that we also have Epstein’s butler’s “Black Book!”. That book is a virtual gold mine of information that will take everyone down!

For that reason, Jeffrey Epstein is the most targeted man in the history of this planet. There is zero chance that the super rich and powerful can afford to let him live. They will get to him one way or the other. There is nothing they won’t do to put this man down.

​The only way I see Epstein surviving is if Trump’s AG department decoys him. They need to hide him somewhere other than what is presently disclosed. The protection detail would have to be a very tight circle! They should already be taking lengthy depositions. Get everything on record just in case he dies. The case is too huge and too important to rest on the security of a single man’s heart beat! It’s on these AG staffers now to keep Epstein alive!

If I was in charge, I’d already have a 1000 hours of testimony on disk. I’d have Epstein somewhere out of the country. I would have a super elite bunker and special forces with authorization to terminate with prejudice any intruder. Alternatively, I would place Epstein in a bunker in Cheyenne mountain! This is the man that brings the world down! Literally… the world.

If preliminary research turns out to be correct, and Epstein is working for Mossad, then there is an entire new level of trepidation to consider. It’s going to take incredible strength and determination to get this man to trial.

Watching Epstein go to trial reminds of the old Clint Eastwood movie called “The Gauntlet”. Now would be a great time to go watch this movie again!

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