The End Of Twitter

Is It Time For The End Of Twitter?

When a big tech company starts suffering the illusion that it will be the global arbiter of truth, then the world has a problem, and so does every democratically elected leader on the planet. In a bold, are unarguably stupid, move recently Twitter decided to permanently suspend the account of Donald Trump, effectively silencing more than 90 million American voices. The time has come when we must realize that no tech company should ever wield this kind of power, and at no time should we ever tolerate it. Twitter must be taken down. I do not feel that Twitter is recoverable as long as Jack Dorsey and his executives are not sitting in a cell somewhere awaiting trial for their treasonous behavior.

With their heads firmly up their asses, Twitter claims there is “no proof” of there being an election fraud. The simple fact is that they treasonously refuse to look at the mountains of evidence that have been captured. If I were to outline the evidence on this post, it would go on for 250 pages! What we CAN do is expose Twitter for what they are and encourage everyone to just walk away from Twitter. If there is no one left on Twitter but a few deranged progressives, they will be relatively harmless.

Addendum: January 31st, 2021 – YouTube deleted the original of this video, but I found my backup copy of this video over on UGETube!