The Rioting – Why Seattle?

In 2014 the US DOJ under the guidance of Obama’s Eric Holder launches an investigation into the Seattle Police Department. Who was charged to head this “investigation”? None other than the current Mayor, then US Prosecutor, Jenny Durkan.

This bases for this “investigation” confounded even the biggest critics of SPD. The scope and later “corrections” were unprecedented. But it was touted as the model by which “many other police departments will be “reformed”.

The results were devastating. First, reports began to leak out how a street officer is now forced to eliminate hours of law enforcement in order to complete the insane amount of paperwork much of which includes a daily barrage of psychological warfare on each officer. Second, resignations started immediately and did not stop. Over 25% of the force resigned. Third, the word was out over the insane treatment and constant critique of an “oversight” panel that applicants were few. The new Mayor placed adds in almost every major city in the Western US, offered $10k signing bonus in attempt to bring the exploding (population-in this case) city’s force up to the levels of earlier years. Crime skyrocketed. Obama’s “catch & release” transition from an immigration policy to inner-city law enforcement.

Many other makes-no-sense occurrences took place but let’s jump to the “Corona Virus”. Oh sorry, the “Wuhan” virus. I mean the “Chinese” virus. COVID virus? I got it…we’ll call it the COVID19 virus. One could literally spend all day listing the inaccuracies of what it is, how it’s spread, how it is tested, define “a case”, categorizing a “death from…” how it’s treated, nursing home placements, positive place with negative patients in same hospital room, sanitized – or lack thereof – of mass transit, but let’s just look at only some of the reactions of our “civil leaders”.

The first week of March we were graced with Mayor Durkan, King Co. Exec & the Governor of the State at a podium telling the then petrified public (the media did their part) “we need to do this right. What we do here will become the standard for all other cities and states to follow”.

Remember Seattle is home to a few corporate giants: Microsoft, Expedia, Starbucks, Amazon, Boeing, T-Mobile, Costco, UPS, a large sub-division of Google. Somehow, they all managed, simultaneously, to issue the same corporate policy of “work from home”. Likewise, all city, county & state offices seemed to be in on the same policy. Then like clockwork all public, private schools and higher education campuses closed. Recall at this time the entire state had 70 “cases” whatever the heck that is and 1 death. The death was a 78-year-old man who happened to be in a nursing home that hadn’t been locked down nor anyone tested or quarantined. Almost makes one think…nah, they wouldn’t do that.

Obviously, we could spend hours rehashing additional very strange coincidences on this topic especially the spread throughout the world and how the shutdown was implemented. But what happened along the road of the shutdown? Was the public wearing a hole in their collective heads with scratches trying to give the reaction the benefit of the doubt? Was the media induced panic by reporting all the manufactured numbers wearing off? Where do we go from here? Oh that’s easy.

Any sane person knows if or when the officers in the George Floyd murder are found guilty, they deserve the book being thrown at them. But stop and think of the reaction and how this “reaction” played out.

Everyone expected legitimate protest to occur but let’s recall the words of a former Chief of Staff of our former President: “never let a crisis go to waste”.

On the Thursday following the George Floyd death I watched helicopter coverage provided by denver9news of a protest taking place. The helicopter panned out from the gathered group of around 200 people to a couple of blocks away where a group of approximately 250 were running to meet up with the other group. Oddly, they all seemed to be wearing black. Shortly after they met up to create a group of almost 500 the protest turned into a riot. Denver9’s own footage will clearly show this.

In downtown Portland, again Thursday night, all hell broke loose with mass riots and destruction. What was strange to all the people in Seattle, absolutely nothing took place. The announcements of a “protest” will take place in Seattle’s Westlake Park Saturday made the airwaves. It did but by nightfall it turned into a mayhem the Bolsheviks would have been proud of. 180 miles to the south in Portland that same night, nothing. I’m sure all this is simply a coincidence.

During the Seattle mayhem, looting, police cars being burned, the KOMO live reporter, on several occasions commented remarkably that while all hell is breaking loose on 5th avenue and it being completely shut down, 4th avenue is not only untouched, traffic is flowing as if nothing is going on. I’m sure the rioters were simply showing constraint.

What I’m sure is simply another coincidence in nine separate cities across the country, pallets of bricks just so happen to be in the same area where the riots broke out. You know, a designated area much like the 5th avenue section of Seattle where the rioters miraculously limited their chaos. If anyone has figured out why we see known rioters taking the time to stop, open their wallets and pay off other rioters and point out projectiles – in the middle of a peaceful protest – please let me know. That one still has me, uh, scratching that hole in my head I started with that virus thing.

Now we’ve come to “CHAZ” in “liberal, inclusive, non-judgmental” Seattle where the designated warlord has spewed some of the vilest homophobic words ever spoken. This so-called autonomous zone is coming to a city near you.

Back to the question, why Seattle? We can easily place Portland in that question as well.

These two areas have been competing to see who can out-loon the other for decades. Or have they? Maybe they have simply been the base for the “infiltration”; the testing grounds for many policy changes? They (Oregon primarily) has been the training grounds for ANTIFA since the WTO riots in 2000. Seattle has been the darling of the deep state for ages. Where did the $15/hour begin? Where did “mail-in” voting begin? Voter fraud has been rampant here for decades. Remember who Seattle is home to, Transportation, Retail, Communication, High Tech. Check their financial, legal backing (Rockefeller, Soros, Perkins Coie / K&L Gates). How does a company go from no profit for its first seven years to the largest & most wealthy company in the world without being propped up from the beginning?

Ask yourself a simple question, should we ban or blame all doctors or hold all to account because 200k people died last year due to errors made by other doctors? Should we riot and burn down hospitals because of it?

Ultimately how does one conduct an infiltration of policies outside the spotlight of DC and NY? Try a couple thousand miles “out” west. Don't worry California, you're not being left out, the other left coast states just happen to exposed these days.

How lucky for me, while typing this Q posted providing the closing:

Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.

Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.

Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.

Seeing is Believing.

Sometimes you can't tell the public the truth.



It had to be this way.

This is not another 4-year election.