Why A Biden-Harris Win Means a President Soros

A Harris Win Gives You a Soros Presidency

With just a few weeks left until the election, it is very clear now that even the democrats don't want Biden to be their president. They've started an Article 25 Committee that will have the power to remove a sitting president when he demonstrates an incapacity to conduct business either physically or mentally. We all know that Biden already fits that description.

Harris Soros

And when you consider that just before Biden chose Harris as his VP pick, she met with Alex Soros for an hour. Soros gave his full and powerful support to Harris's position as Vice President. He knows all along that they would yank Biden out of there immediately after the election. That is exactly what they plan to do.

My only question is this: “Is American dumb enough to elect a George Soros Presidency? Democrats have shown they are willing to either riot or cheat their way to the top. Only strong patriots can stop them now.

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